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Editorial Policy


The National Journal of Community Medicine brings the vast potential of the Internet to the doorsteps of the biomedical fraternity for publishing various topics of common interest especially of Public health or Community Medicine.

Free Access
NJCM is available online for FREE to all readers. No pre-registration is required and there are no 'logins' and 'passwords'.
All articles accepted for publication in NJCM are peer reviewed, and 'publishing fee' is charged to author(s). The articles are accepted PURELY on the scientific merit of the contents. No fee is being charged at the time of submission of article. It is being charged after acceptance of article by reviewer as well as editorial team.
Copyright Free
The copyright of all the articles published in NJCM shall lie with the journal. The articles can be copied, transmitted, stored, reproduced without permission provided the access to publication is unrestricted and due acknowledgement and hyperlink to the source from NJCM is provided. The responsibility to the contents and its authenticity rests solely with the authors.
The journal carries articles in the following categories:
Current Interest
Review Articles
Original Work
Case Reports
Short Communications
Comments/Letters to the Editor
All the articles submitted for publication in NJCM are peer reviewed for authenticity, ethical issues and usefulness. Decision of the reviewers shall be final.
NJCM shall uphold the highest ethical standards of scientific publications. Drug trials sponsored by Pharma industry shall not find favour.
NJCM shall be published every month. However, being an Online Journal, it allows for publication of articles of urgency and critical importance to the medical fraternity. Such articles of 'Current Interest' and relevant editorials may be published more frequently as 'Supplements', on the basis of the needs felt by the editorial board or on the requests/ suggestions of the readers of NJCM.
NJCM shall not take any responsibility for the contents of articles published in the journal and all such responsibility shall lie with the author/s. The opinions expressed in the articles are solely of the author/s and NJCM may not agree with such opinions in part or in full.
At present there was no policy to digitally archive contents of the journal.