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A Study of Morbidity Pattern in Indoor Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Lucknow

Author:Deepak Chopra, Shilpi Manchanda, Sakshi Manchanda, Nidhi Jauhari

Keywords:Hospitalization, IPD, Morbidity, Mortality

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction-Health statistics decide the foundation and course of health policies and programs. Indicators such as the Birth Rate, Death Rate, Life Expectancy at Birth, Morbidity/Mortality patterns etc. reveal the extent and nature of the health problems in the community and thus assists in establishment of the priorities for policy planning and implementation. The present study is being done to assess the morbidity pattern in indoor patients in a tertiary care hospital. Materials & methods- A cross sectional study done in a tertiary care hospital with sample size of 4511. Results- the study found out that maximum patient (44.4%) were admitted under Chapter I i.e. certain infectious and parasitic diseases and 72% of hospital admissions were accounted for by 12 common causes of morbidity. The results of our study were comparable with other studies, differences being there due to limitation of our study being limited to IPD patients. Conclusion-Leading causes of morbidity in all ages and both sexes which require hospitalization are acute infectious diseases."