National Journal of Community Medicine

Original Article

Year: 2017 | Volume: 8 | Issue: 5 | Page No: 236-240

Study to Assess Knowledge and Attitude towards Organ Donation among Interns and Post Graduates of a Medical College in Karnataka, India

Author: Geeta V Bathija, Ananthesh B G, Dattatraya D Bant



"Introduction: Health-care professionals are the critical link in positively influencing public awareness about organ donation. There is limited research on awareness and attitude about organ donation among Postgraduates and interns. Objectives: To assess the knowledge and attitude towards organ donation among Post graduates and Interns and to know the reasons for deciding to donate one’s organ. Methodology: A cross sectional study was done among 178 Post-graduates and 122 interns of a Medical college in India by using pretested semi-structured questionnaire. Results: More number of Postgraduates were aware about donation of cornea(100%), kidney(99.4%) and liver (94.9%) than interns with awareness 95.9%, 90.2% and 82.7% for cornea, kidney and liver respectively. 72.7% of subjects were willing to donate organs and PGs were significantly more registered for organ donation than interns. Most common reason given by the participants for organ donation was ‘to be useful after death’. Conclusion: Our study concludes that most of the subjects have adequate knowledge about organ donation but it is not sufficient. There exists significant gaps in knowledge and attitude on the same between Interns and Postgraduates. Even though many are willing to donate organs, only few registered and have donor card till now.

Keywords: Organ donation, Postgraduates, Interns, Knowledge, attitude