National Journal of Community Medicine

Original Article

Year: 2017 | Volume: 8 | Issue: 5 | Page No: 268-271

Assessment of the Level of Satisfaction Related To Quality of Health Care at Public Health Facilities in Satara District Maharashtra

Author: Rajesh A Gaikwad, Supriya S Patil, Satish R Patil, Prakah M Durgawale



"Background: Patients satisfaction represents a key marker for the quality of health care delivery and this is internationally accepted factor needs to be studied repeatedly for smooth functioning of the health care systems. This study was therefore undertaken with the aim to find out outpatient satisfaction related to quality of care at public health facilities in Satara district. Objective: To assess the level of satisfaction of patients attending selected primary health centers. Methodology: The study was a cross-sectional facility- based. The sample comprised 120 patients selected by stratified and systematic sampling at the primary health centers. The patients were in-terviewed using structured pretested closed ended questionnaire and analyzed. Results: 39 (32.50%) patients from health centers were in age group of 61-75 yrs. 44 (36.67%) patients were educated up to primary level. 66 (55.00%) patients were farmers. There was direct association of funded and non-funded PHCs when waiting time and space, availability of clean drinking water, cleanliness of toilet, getting free treatment, and availability of almost all necessary investigations were taken into consideration. Conclusions: It can be concluded that availability of funds under Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) has increased the quality of health care at the primary health centres and thus patients satisfac-tion.

Keywords: satisfaction, funded, non funded, IPHS, quality, health care