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Cross-Sectional Analyses of Social Determinants of Contraceptive Use among Eligible Couples, Rural Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

Author:Shikha Sharma, Badri N Mishra, Abhinav Sinha

Keywords:Contraceptive use, Eligible couples

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Objectives: The present study was conducted to estimate point prevalence of contraceptive use among eligible couples & find out its association with social determinants of eligible couples of rural Ujjain. Methods: Descriptive cross-sectional study conducted from Sep-tember 2013 to October 2015 on all the eligible couples from 3 selected blocks under Demographic Survey Site of rural field practice area of R.D. Gardi Medical College. Inclusion &exclusion; criteria were all consenting eligible couples and couples who were not available at time of interview & sterilized couples. Results: Out of the 263 eligible couples, 136 (52%) couples (male 61% and female 39%) were found to be contraceptive users. Socio-demographic factors significantly associated with current contra-ceptive use were age (21-25 years) (?2=8.228, p-value=0.042), sex (males) (?2=8.925, p-value= 0.003), education (literate) (?2= 9.226, p-value= 0.026), family planning knowledge (?2= 5.069, p-value=0.024) and no male child preference (?2= 7.912, p-value= 0.005). On further regression analysis, sex (p-value= 0.047) and male child preference (p-value= 0.035) were found to be significantly associated. Conclusion: The point prevalence of contraceptive was 52% and determinants of contraceptive use were male gender (O.R. 0.650, C.I. 0.424-0.995) and no male child preference (O.R. 2.074, C.I. 1.054-4.082). "