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Prevalence of Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Students of Punjab University, Chandigarh

Author:Manjot Singh, Naveen Krishan Goel, Manoj Kumar Sharma, Ravleen Kaur Bakshi

Keywords:University students, depression, anxiety, stress, Chandigarh, India

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Depression, Anxiety and Stress (DAS) disorders begin at an early age and are often recurring. The aim of the study was to find the status of the mental health of students of the Punjab University, with the objectives to find prevalence and correlates of DAS. Methodology: This was an institution based cross-sectional study conducted in Punjab University, Chandigarh for a period of 5 months (January - May 2014).Nine departments and one Centre were selected by random sampling method and 400 students who gave their consent to participate were selected from these Departments and Centre by convenient sampling method. DASS-21 was used for finding the prevalence of DAS. Data was analyzed with the help of Microsoft Excel 2007. Percentages were used to draw inferences. Results: The overall prevalence of depression, anxiety and stress came out to be 59.2%, 86.5% and 52.7% respectively. The prevalence of the DAS decreased with age. All the morbidities were more among females than males. Conclusion: High prevalence of DAS, and high co-morbidity was seen among the students of the Punjab University. Poor mental health awareness, stigma related to mental disorders and limited youth-based services combine to make youth an underserved population in our country.