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Frontline Health Workers Knowledge and Preparedness on Novel Influenza H1N1 from Western India

Author:Chandresh M Pandya, Paragkumar D Chavda, Dipak M Solanki, Kedar G Mehta

Keywords:Novel influenza H1H1, Frontline health workers, ASHA, Anganwadi worker, India

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Novel H1N1 has shown a continued presence with recent surges. Information about the knowledge and preparedness of frontline health workers on novel H1N1 is scarcely available. Methodology: The current study was undertaken to assess the knowledge and preparedness of the ASHA and Anganwadi workers from one of the community development blocks of a district in central Gujarat. A cross sectional community based survey was carried out among total 155 frontline workers (93 ASHA and 62 Anganwadi workers) from the block using a self-administered semi-structured questionnaire in vernacular language. Results: Majority of the study participants were in the young age of 26–40 years and were educated up to higher secondary or graduate level. These frontline workers had good knowledge about Novel influenza H1H1 including its symptomatology, mode of transmission and its prevention. Most knew that the disease is curable and preventable. Although they were aware about majority of the interventions, there were gaps in knowledge about importance of hand washing. The primary health center, television and newspapers were the sources of information. Conclusion: The frontline workers possess good knowledge about novel influenza indicating their preparedness to tackle any future surges in the disease transmission.