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Misconceptions and Myths Regarding Animal Bite and Rabies: A Community Based Study in Ahmedabad

Author:Arjunkumar H Jakasania, Grishma T Dixit, Akash P Patel, Farzana M Mansuri, Khushbu D Makadia

Keywords:Rabies, Dog bite, Myth, Misconception

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Rabies is a highly fatal viral disease. Rabies and dog bite is prevalent in India but multiple myths are associated and they determine the post-exposure treatment seeking behavior of animal bite victims. The resent study was conducted with the objective to study the myths and misconception in the community regarding animal bite and rabies. Methodology: The community-based cross-sectional study was carried out in field practice area of BJMC Ahmedabad. 270 participants were randomly selected from the available list and predesigned and pretested questionnaire was used to collect data. Result: 60.71% participants were not aware of fatality of rabies and 27.55% said that they will visit health care facility after 10 days of a dog bite. 55.10% responded to they will not take ARV if they do not get any symptoms after a dog bite. Only half of them responded for Dettol/antiseptic application after dog bite wound care management. Conclusion: Misconception and myths regarding dog bite and rabies were found to be very prevalent in the community which will definitely hamper their treatment seeking behavior. Targeted IEC for a dog bite and its management and rabies should be given periodically given in the community