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A Study on Compliance to Allergen Immunotherapy in Respiratory Allergy

Author:Giriyanna Gowda, Pruthvi S, Kavya G Upadhya, Chitra Nagaraj, Bengaluru G Parasuramalu

Keywords:Respiratory allergy, compliance, allergen immunotherapy

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Respiratory allergic diseases requires administration of Allergen immunotherapy at frequent intervals for a period of time which is usually 3-5 years which makes compliance issues particularly relevant. Objectives: To describe socio-demographic profile of study sub-jects and to assess various factors influencing compliance to allergen immunotherapy. Methods: A prospective longitudinal study conducted at Allergy clinic, Department of Community Medicine, Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore. Data was collected by review of the individual records of all the patients who were started on allergen immunotherapy during January 2011 – December 2014 (3 years). Reason for discontinuation of treatment was collected through phone calls. Results: There were 109 (53.96%) males and 93 (46.04%) females. Majority i.e. 146 (72.27%) were in the age group of 21- 40 years. There were 117 (57.92%) on allergen Immunotherapy for House dust mite only, 42 (20.79%) for pollen only and 43 (21.29%) for both house dust mite and pollen. 15 (7.43%) subjects have completed 3 years treatment, 125 (60.40%) are continuing treatment and 63 (30.69%) have discontinued treatment (Non-compliance). Commonest reasons for non-compliance were no improvement, afar hospital and adverse reactions. Conclusion: Non-compliance to allergen immunotherapy was 30.69% and commonest reason for non-compliance was no im-provement