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A Study of Tuberculosis and HIV Coinfection and Its Corelation with CD4 Count

Author:S Jindal, PH Damor, R Patel

Keywords:HIV/TB Coinfection, CD4 COUNT, DTB, EPTB, CXR in HIV/TB

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Tuberculosis is most common in India. TB is the cause of one third deaths of HIV. HIV not only increases susceptibility to M. Tuberculosis infection but also increases rate of progression from infection to active disease. Aims and objectives: To assess clinical manifestations, radiological profile & diagnostic usefulness of sputum smear microscopy for AFB in TB/HIV coinfected patients in relation to CD4 count. Materials & Methods: Present study is retrospective study of 100 adult patients having co-infection with TB/HIV. Detailed clinical history, physical examination and necessary laboratory investigation were analyzed. Results: Majority of patients (75 %) were male and 81% of patients were in reproductive age group. CD4 count varied from 22 to 619. Majority of patients had Pulmonary TB(PTB) (63%), isolated Extra-pulmonary TB(EPTB) was found in 21%, Disseminated TB(DTB) was common (43%). Majority (44%) had CD4 between 200-400. Sputum AFB negativity was greater than positivity (51.72 % versus 48.27 %) among PTB cases .With CD4 >200, positivity was higher and with CD4 <200, negativity was higher. Conclusion: Patients with TB/HIV co-infection are predominantly male of reproductive age group. As CD4 count decreases Sputum smear positivity for AFB decreases