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Socio-Demographic Factors Associated with Tuberculosis Cases Registered Under RNTCP in an Urban Area of Pune, Maharashtra

Author:Jitendra Bhawalkar, Devidas Khedkar, Balkrishna Lanjewar, Jyoti Landge, Swati Ghonge

Keywords:Tuberculosis, socio-demographic factors, marital status, overcrowding, smoking, family history of TB

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Context: Worldwide socio-demographic factors like age, sex, education, occupation, income, life styles etc play a crucial role in eti-ology, spread and status of tuberculosis. It is a chronic stigmatized social and public health challenge in almost all communities of developing countries. Objective: This study was undertaken to examine some socio-demographic factors of TB patients in an urban area and their relation with current tuberculosis epidemiological situation. Materials and methods: It’s an observational, cohort study carried on 210 patients. Data was collected by trained personnel in structured and pretested formats from a Tuberculosis Unit and Directly Observed Treatment centers’ records and through direct visits and interviews with the patients. The statistical analysis was done by subjecting data to ‘EPI INFO’ and WIN PEPI software. Results: Of all 210 patients, 125 were male, 131 had pulmonary TB, 133 in 0-34 year age group, 144 married, 44 illiterate, 96 kaccha house dwellers, 151 experienced overcrowding, 58 smokers (male), 75 had alcohol habit and 51 gave family history of tuberculosis. Conclusions: TB was significantly higher in males, pulmonary type, in 0-34 year age group, smokers and alcoholics and in those who gave family history of tuberculosis