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Socio-Demographic Profile of the Cancer Patients Attending Cancer Treating Institute of South Gujarat

Author:Ketan R Patel, Vipul P Chaudhari, Hiteshree C Patel, Jayendra K Kosambiya

Keywords:Socio-demographic profile, cancer patients, Gujarat

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Cancer may be regarded as a group of diseases that occur due to abnormal growth of cells, invasion of adjacent tissue and organs, and that lead to death of affected patient. Cancer occur any organ or tissue of the body. Six decade ago, cancer was sixth leading cause of death in industrialized countries, and today cancer became second leading cause of death. There are wide variations in cancer distribution throughout world. Aim: To see the Socio-demographic profile of the cancer patients. Methodology: Cross-sectional Study conducted in newly register Cancer patients at D.B. Tejani Cancer Institute, Surat, in purposively selected 690 patients during December-15 to January-16. It was a descriptive-study about socio-demographic profile of patients. Results: Out of 2700 cancer-patients newly-registered in hospital, 690 patients of different cancer were interviewed. Male female ratio was 0.99:1. The mean age was 49.17±14.95 years; 50.9% patients were belonging to rural area; 87.1% were Hindu; 81.7% were married; 40.3% were illiterate; 34.9% were homemakers and 85.7% from lower-socioeconomic status. Conclusion: Cancer trend increasing among females in both urban and rural area at early age