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Depression among Mine Workers in Chitradurga: A Cross Sectional Study

Author:Somarouthu Rajashekar, Prajna Sharma, Nagender Gowda MR, Sherin Joseph, Vishal S Pol

Keywords:Occupational disease, mine workers, depression

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Occupational health deals with work-related disorders apart from all the factors that affect workers’ health. Lack of education and unawareness of importance of mental health lead to various mental disorders, depression being the most common. Successful management of stress at the workplace has become a topic of great interest over the last decade. Material and methodology: This cross sectional study was con-ducted among 493 mine workers in 3 actively working mines in Chitradurga to know the depression patterns and factors associated with it among the mine works. PHQ-9 was administered to know the depression pattern. Results: There were 69% field workers, 18.7% working in trans-port and 12.4% office workers. Most workers were in age group 20-30years (37.5%), about 87.2% were married, 62.4% belonged to nuclear type of family. Majority were educated up to high school (37%). 76.3% had been working since 1-5yrs. PHQ-9 was administered and was seen that 55.8% had minimal, 26.6% had mild, 11% moderate, 4.3% moderately sever and 2.4% sever depression. Field workers were more prone to higher level of depression and was statistically significant (p value<0.05). Conclusion: The results emphasize the importance of assessing the mental health among the workers and for optimum preventive measures that should be taken