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Factors Affecting Mental Abnormalities among High School Children in Tribal, Rural and Urban Mysuru, Karnataka

Author:Pradeep S Tarikere, Prakash B, Praveen Kulkarni, Narayana Murthy

Keywords:Mental abnormalities, Anxiety, Depression, family

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: The period of adoles-cence is phase of rapid growth, change, relocation and self-discovery, which are defining qualities of stressful experience. Family plays a pivotal role in the personality development and socialization of the child. The objec-tive of this study was to identify the factors influencing on mental abnormalities among high school children Materials and method: It was a Community based cross-sectional study. High school children aged 14 years to 16 years in tribal, rural and urban Mysuru were included. Sample size was rounded off to 180. Probability proportional to size (PPS) sampling was applied. MINI KID tool was used with pre tested and semi structured questionnaire. Approval of institutional ethical committee was taken before the start of the study. Results: Among rural high schools participants in the age group of 15years, 27.2% had mental abnormalities. 70% of study partici-pants of urban schools whose father and mother had poor relationship and 40% of study participants belonging to socio-economic Class II rural schools had mental abnormalities. Conclusion: Good relation with father, mother and good relation between father and mother were having some association with mental abnormalities among high school children.