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A Study on Sociodemographic Factors Affecting the Unmet Need for Contraceptive Usage in a Rural Area

Author:Mohammad Waseem Ansari, Shireen Nimra, Amruta S Indupalli , Shri Srinivas Reddy

Keywords:Unmet need, contraception, Family Planning, contraceptives, rural area

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: The concept of family planning and its unmet need has been central to global family planning programs. The unmet need remains persistently high or is increasing in developing countries like India, indicating that greater efforts are needed to understand and address the causes of unmet need. Objectives:-. The study was done to assess the unmet need for contraception among married women of reproductive age group and also to identify the socio-demographic factors associated with unmet need for contraception. Materials and methods:-A cross-sectional community based study was carried out in a rural area in Karnataka. The study population included 563 married women aged 15-44 years. The data was collected using pre tested proforma and was analyzed using percentages and Chi-Square test. Results:-The unmet need for family planning was 40.5%. The overall unmet need is low at the beginning of reproductive age, but it increased and reached a peak in the mid-twenties & then declined. The literacy status among women with unmet needs is plays a vital role. Conclusion:-Despite a fair knowledge about the family planning methods, various socio-demographic factors affect the gap between a woman’s expressed need and utilization of contraceptives