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Immunization Coverage among Children Aged 12-23 Months in Surajgarha Block, Lakhisarai District, Bihar: A Cluster Sampling Survey

Author:Arvind Kumar, Kuryan George, Anuradha Bose

Keywords:Immunization Coverage, WHO Cluster sampling, Gap in Immunization Coverage

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: The DLHS survey has identified that the immunization coverage is less than 50% in Bihar state. This study was carried out to determine immunization coverage rate and to assess factors determining immunization coverage, including factors both affecting provision and utilization of governmental immunization service among children aged 12- 23 months in Surajgarha block, Lakhisarai district, Bihar. Methodology: The WHO 30 cluster sampling method and the standard WHO questionnaire was used. In each cluster, 7 children have enrolled in this study a total of 210 children. Selection of children in each village was done by the nearest door to door method. Immunization was validated by card. BCG was also validated by the presence of BCG scar. Result: Full immunization coverage as per card was 30.47% and exclusively by history was 16.7%. Total immunization coverage (as per card and history) was 47.14%. The BCG coverage, DPT coverage, Polio coverage and Measles coverage through card and history was 63.8% and 21.4%; 53.3% and 19.5%; 46.7% and 18.1%; and 48.6% and 18.6% respectively. Conclusion: The immunization coverage wasvery low in Surajgarha block of Lakhisarai district Bihar. Therefore, need to improve the health services, both from the utilizer side and provider side