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A Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Study of Biomedical Waste Management and Bio-safety among Healthcare Workers in a Tertiary Care Government Hospital in Western India

Author:Tanmay K Mehta, Parul D Shah, Kanupriya D Tiwari

Keywords:Biomedical waste management; Bio-safety; KAP study

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Inappropriate handling of biomedical waste has led to increasing incidence of hospital acquired infections. Objective: To analyze the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of biomedical waste management and bio-safety among health care workers in a tertiary care hospital in Western India. Methodology: A questionnaire based Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) study was carried out. Total 210 healthcare workers had participated, which included 68 laboratory technicians, 69 nurses and 73 resident doctors. Results: Only 35.23% (74) participants knew the waste storage time limit. Awareness about pretreatment of the waste was found only in 5.8% (4) nurses. Awareness about post exposure prophylaxis is only 38% (81). More than 90% of the participants had positive attitude towards the subject. 40% (86) participants and 14% (10) nurses were practicing segregation at point of generation. Biomedical waste bag labeling practices were followed by only 23.2% (16) nurses and 27.39% (20) doctors. Knowledge and practices scores were better among technicians and doctors than nurses. Trained participants had better attitude and practice scores compared to untrained ones. Conclusion: Intensive training programs at regular intervals are essential with special focus on nurses and first year resident doc-tors.