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TracingCommoner Health Problems among Tribal School Children of the Dang District of Gujarat

Author:Jatin Chhaya, Hitesh Bhabhor, Shailee Vyas, Mohua Moitra, Jayesh K Kosambiya

Keywords:Health camp, Health education, Morbidity profile, Tribal children

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Development, food security, safe housing and sanita-tion being the rights of every citizen. Health is inseparable component of these essentials of living. Tribal population is poorest and experience extreme levels of health deprivation and that’s why they lag behind state as well as national average on several health indicators. Tribal children being most vulnerable, this study is planned to know morbidity profile of the tribal children living in residential hostel in Dang district. Methodology: Community Medicine Department of Government Medical College, Surat conducted general health check-up camp for the benefit of tribal students. Result: One hundred and seventeen students from 5 tribal residential hostels were beneficiaries of this camp. Dental caries, Ear wax and discharge, passing worms in stool, refractive errors and skin infection were some common problems identified and treated in the camp. Conclusion: Personal hygiene and oral health is more compromising factor that becomes hurdle for their overall development. Periodical health check-up and health education is most needed especially for tribal children