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A Comparative Study of Morbidity Profile of Traffic Policemen and Non Traffic Policemen in Solapur City of Western Maharashtra

Author:Santosh J Haralkar, Rahul N Gite

Keywords:Morbidity, auditory, respiratory symptoms, traffic policemen

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: The traffic policemen are engaged in controlling vehicular traffic and are typically exposed to higher concentrations of transport related air pollution as well as noise pollution daily. Hence they are at a risk of developing various health problems due to their occupation. The study was conducted to compare morbidity profile of traffic policemen with non traffic policemen Methods: A cross sectional study was carried out on 114 traffic po-licemen and 114 non-traffic policemen. History regarding symp-toms, history of present illness, past history, personal and family history was obtained. Statistical analysis was done with the help of percentages, chi-square test and ‘t’ test. Results: Annoyance to noise (51.75%) was the most common symptoms experienced at work place by the traffic policemen as compared to the non-traffic policemen. Respiratory morbidities were found significantly more in the traffic policemen. The traffic policemen (92.30%) had more cardiovascular disease risk than the non-traffic policemen (75%). Conclusions: Respiratory morbidity like URTI and chronic rhinitis were found significantly more in the traffic policemen than non-traffic policemen