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Assessment of Risk of Type 2 Diabetes using Indian Diabetes Risk Score – Community-Based Cross-Sectional Study in Urban Mysuru

Author:Amrutha Angadi, Mansoor Ahmed, Vadiraja Nagarajarao

Keywords:IDRS; Risk for diabetes; Socio-demographic factors

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: India leads the world with largest number of diabetic subjects earning the dubious distinction of being termed the “Diabetes capital of the world”. Approximately half of all subjects with diabetes in the developing world remain undiagnosed and un-treated leading to serious long term consequences. Methodology: A community-based cross sectional study was con-ducted in the urban areas of Mysore from March and July 2015. Using the estimation set up technique for proportion, the sample size was calculated to be 872 rounded off to 900, with level of significance of 5% and precision of 10%. Direct interview method was used for the data collection. Risk level for diabetes was assessed using Indian Diabetic Risk Score (IDRS) and socio-demographic and anthropometric factors were assessed through a semi structured pretested questionnaire. Results: Total of 900 individuals participated, majority of subjects had moderate to low IDRS risk. On the whole, around 22% of adults had a high risk score (score >60) for diabetes, 42.6% had moderate scores and 35.6% had low scores on IDRS. Conclusion: This study estimates the usefulness of simplified Indian Diabetes Risk Score for identifying high risk for diabetes in the community. It should be used routinely in community-based screening to find out high risk category of population for diabetes.