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Study of Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Undergraduate Medical Students of A Teaching Medical Institution

Author:Subita P Patil, Snehashree Sadhanala, Seema S BansodeGokhe

Keywords:Medical students, DASS 21

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: The global prevalence of mental and behavioral disorders among the adult population is estimated to be 10% and contributed to four of the ten leading causes of disability. Psychological distress has a negative impact on student abilities and worst outcome may result in development of behavioral problems. Aims & Objectives: To assess levels of depression, anxiety and stress among the medical students and study their socio demographic variables. Methodology: This cross sectional study was conducted among the complete batch of VII semester medical students (101) posted in the department during August 2016 to January 2017 with a pre- designed, pre tested, semi-structured questionnaire consisting of 2 parts: socio demographic details and DASS 21 (Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale) after taking their valid informed consent and Institutional Ethical Committee approval. Findings: Out of 101 students,58 were males and 43 were females with a mean age of 21.03 ± 0.96years.Anxiety was more prevalent compared to depression and stress and male students showed a higher preponderance to anxiety than female students. Conclusion: Students were more anxious than depressed or stressed. Male students were more affected than female students.