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360-Degree Evaluation of a Primary Healthcare Centre Village Stay Programme for Medical Undergraduates

Author:Dinesh Kumar, Uday S Singh, Tushar Patel, Manisha Gohel

Keywords:360? evaluation, Community Based Learning, Community Medicine Training, Primary Health Centre, Undergraduate Medical education

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Indian Medical Graduates are expected to work as Medical officersat Primary Health Centres (PHC). However, their current training provides inadequate opportunity for practical understanding of PHC, especially the administrative aspects. Methods: Medical Undergraduates (3rd MBBS, part 1) were posted at four PHCsfor four days. Orientation sessions and post visit presentation were carried out one day before and after the residential posting. Teaching was by group discussions, informal interactions with the local communities, interview of the PHC staff, observation of the activities, analysis of various PHC records and reports, mainly as self-directed activities. Pre and post-test were conducted to assess the gain in knowledge. Results: Mean pre-test score was 6.50 (SD=1.93) and post test score was 11.7 (SD=1.41). There was significant improvement in scores [5.20 (SD=2.25), p<0.001, Wilcoxon sign rank test). Programme was appreciated by students, villagers, PHC medical officers and the facilitators. Main problems identified were logistic issues, hectic schedule and expectations from the villagers. Conclusions: The PHC village stay is an effective and acceptable teaching strategy for better understanding of rural health issues. The local community, PHC staff and Facilitators appreciated the programme.