National Journal of Community Medicine

Original Article

Year: 2018 | Volume: 9 | Issue: 11 | Page No: 819-823

A Cross-Sectional Study of Internet Addiction amongst Undergraduate Students of Medical Institute of Vadodara City

Author: Maharshi V Patel, Nilesh Patel, Poojan Thakor, Ashish Vaghasiya, Samit Patel, Jahangir Shaikh, Manan Shah, Kushal Talsania



Introduction: Internet has become an epitome of modern life, being used in every aspect of life. Many research found that overuse online things can be at risk for problematic Internet use. This type of addictive behaviour is not entirely suitable for future doctors who apart form good clinician, role models for many. So, current study was aimed to know the prevalence of internet addiction and associated factors among medical students. Methods: All the students of 2nd year MBBS course were taken as study participants for this cross-sectional study design. Internet addiction information was obtained using 20 - item questionnaire tool developed by Dr. Kimberly Young along with pre-designed proforma to collect details of internet addiction in regards of amount spend, modes of access and time spend on internet. Descriptive statistics was used to analyse the data. Results: Almost two third (74.82%) of students were possible addict. None of students was categorised in less than average internet usage. Qualitative analysis found addiction of social networking sites and media download, instead of use of internet for academic purposes. Conclusion: Unquestionably internet addiction is an emerging public health problem among medical students needs to be ad-dressed.

Keywords: Internet addiction, Medical students, Mobile phones, Social networking