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Drinking Water: Assessment of Services and Practices in Surat City

Author:Rutu S Buch, Rahul Damor, Mohua Moitra, Sana Khatib

Keywords:Drinking Water, Services, Practices, Chemical Analysis

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Water is one of the basic needs of human life. Water borne diseases and water related chemical hazards are potential threats if water quality is not assured. The present study was con-ducted to record the drinking water related services, practices and report the chemical quality parameters Methodology: A cross sectional study was carried out in all the 7 zones of Surat city. House-to-house survey was done by using a pre designed semi-structured questionnaire. Interviews of 140 households and testing (Chemical-analysis) of 14 samples of drinking water were carried out. Results: Main source (92.1%) of drinking water was piped water. A total of 86.4% households felt the supply as adequate; bad ap-pearance reported by1.4%. Prompt action was taken by SMC in 60% complaints. Filtration was practiced by 47.9%. Among the 14 samples collected for chemical analysis, 7 drinking water samples were declared unfit for drinking purpose by Public Health Laboratory, Surat due to presence of Nitrite and Ammonia. Conclusions: All the households had access to the drinking water, however, 50% of the sampled water was deemed unfit. Stringent water quality checks need to be started to ensure quality. Community awareness needs to be emphasized.