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Perception Regarding Various Aspects of Mosquito Born Diseases among People Residing in Urban Field Practice Area, Gulbarga

Author:Kuldeep J Dabade, Sheetal K Dabade

Keywords:Perception, vector borne diseases, breeding places, prevention

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Mosquito borne diseases is a growing urban prob-lem because of unplanned urbanization, industrialization and excessive population growth coupled with rural to urban migration. Objectives: This study was conducted to study demographic profile of study population and assessing their knowledge, attitude and practices regarding various aspects of mosquito born diseases. Methodology: This observational cross sectional community based study was carried among people residing in urban area. House to house survey was conducted and total 263 families were included using convenience sampling method. Results: 85% of study population has knowledge about disease transmitted by bite of mosquito. 77% respondents answered fever or fever with rigors, headache as symptoms of mosquito born dis-eases. 84% of study population consider drains or polluted dirty water as common breeding places. Only 17.5% people known that Water accumulated in Coconut shells, broken bottles, vehicle tires and clean water can be breeding places for mosquito. 63% of study population use repellents in various forms like coils, mats, liquidators and creams as a protective measure against mosquito bites. Conclusion: Stringent efforts should be made to create public awareness and mobilize the community to promote various preventive measures against mosquito borne diseases."