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Perceptions of 99dots among Health Staff and Beneficiaries Attending the Visakhapatnam District Hospital, Andhra Pradesh

Author:Kesava Lakshmi Prasad Kandipudi, Kranthi Paruvu, B Devi Madhavi

Keywords:99DOTS, Perceptions, Adherence, Visakhapatnam

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Back Ground: The Need of the hour in TB treatment is compliance and motivation to prevent drug resistance TB. To achieve this one of the methods adopted keeping in mind the easy availability of mobile phones is 99DOTS. The study was conducted to know the perception of 99DOTS among Health staff and Beneficiaries. Methodology: A Qualitative study was conducted by doing In-depth interviews and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) during November 2017 at ART Centre and TB Hospital. Sample size included beneficiaries on Phone call (22), one to one interviews (5) of Beneficiaries, Key informants (8), and FGDs (2). Results: Key informants perceived that it as a good programme as the reason being adherence and protection of patient identity is maintained. Problems regarding 99 dots are missing of direct ob-servation of the patient regarding consumption of the tablet and problem in usage of mobile phones by illiterates. Patients perceived the concept of 99 dots as a good programme as adherence is improved and their personal privacy is protected. Problems like lack of personal phone, difficulty in usage of phone, non-availability of Network and seeking help from others due to illiteracy. Conclusion: 99DOTS improves convenience to patients and allows providers to focus on non-adherent patients. Patients have to be trained for using mobile features such as remainders, alerts."