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Agreement between Morbidities Patterns Rendered By Questionnaire Based Survey and Verification by Medical Officer in a Cohort-Based Long Term Epidemiological Study

Author:Sushil Singh, RR Tiwari, Nalok Banerjee, Anil Prakash

Keywords:Bhopal Gas Disaster, agreement analysis, Any Morbidity, Respiratory, GIT, Gas Exposure

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Questionnaire based surveys are an inexpensive way of collective information on morbidity patterns. This study aims to determine the agreement between morbidities recorded by the survey staff (TA) through questionnaire and that revealed via examination by medical officer. Methodology: A long term follow up epidemiological study was launched in 1985 covering a cohort of 80021 gas exposed people and 15931 unexposed people. A list of 40 symptoms was provided for recording the morbidities The International Classification of Diseases was followed for coding the morbidity by Medical Officers. Data presented here were collected during January-December, 2016 and total 3393 multi morbid persons, ageing more than 32 years from cohort were taken. For finding the agreement of pattern morbidity between the technical assistant and the medical doctors, Kappa statistics was used. Results: Overall Kappa ‘moderate (0.41-0.60)’ agreement was observed in respiratory morbidity. In ophthalmic morbidity ‘Substantial (0.61-0.80)’ was observed. We found overall (Respiratory, Ophthalmic, GIT and Skin) ‘Moderate (0.41-0.60)’ agreement. Conclusions: Morbid agreement analysis established that substan-tial agreement between TA and medical doctor in affected areas where as in control area moderate agreement were observed. It is better to verify all symptomatic morbid persons by medical officer."