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A Comparative Study of Knowledge Regarding Reproductive Health Among Rural & Urban Adolescent Girls in District Bareilly

Author:Priyanka Kumar, Sumit Saxena, Shyam Bihari Gupta, Nipun Agarwal, Danish Imtiaz

Keywords:Adolescent girls, Knowledge, Reproductive Health

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Adolescents constitute perhaps the healthiest group in the population, having the lowest mortality and morbidity when compared with other population age groups. Reproductive health covers all aspects of adolescent health. In order to lead healthy, responsible & fulfilling lives & protect themselves from reproductive health problems youngsters need to be knowledge-able about themselves& need adequate information about the physical& psychological changes that take place during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy & child birth. Material & Methods: The present cross sectional study was con-ducted among the adolescent girls registered at government and private schools in the areas served by department of Community Medicine, SRMSIMS, Bareilly. 210 adolescent girls each were surveyed from schools in both rural as well as urban area making a total sample size of 420. Result: Nearly three fourth of urban girls 156 (74.3%) and two-third 139 (66.2%) of rural girls knew that menstruation is a normal physiological process. More urban girls 88 (41.9%) than rural 51(24.3%) were aware of uterus being the source of menstrual bleeding. Conclusion: While assessing the knowledge of adolescent girls re-garding reproductive health, it was seen that urban girls have better knowledge as compared to rural girls. "