National Journal of Community Medicine

Original Article

Year: 2011 | Volume: 2 | Issue: 2 | Page No: 273-276

A Community-Based Study on Awareness and Perception On Gender Discrimination and Sex Preference among Married Women (in Reproductive Age-Group) in a Rural Population of District Bareilly, Uttar-Pradesh

Author: Srivastav Shalini, Kariwal P, Kapilasrami MC



Background: Skewed sex ratio is an issue of major concern. The problem is getting worse with the misuse of technology that facilitates pre-natal sex determination. This is happening across the country in spite of a massive influx of legal regulations banning the same. In this light, the study of awareness of same becomes very relevant and needs to be evaluated. At the heart of problem of female feticide is impact of advertisement about the facility of prenatal sex determination, and the unawareness about legal rules and regulations forbidding the same as PNDT Act. Aims: To study the awareness and perceptions of rural women regarding sex determination and gender discrimination Settings and Design: A Community based cross-sectional study. Methods and Material: Multistage sampling was used and 317 rural married women in reproductive age group were interviewed. Statistical analysis used: Result expressed in percentages and chi-square test. Results: 80% of females irrespective of their literacy status were aware about prenatal sex determination. However 67% were unaware of PNDT Act and the unawareness was significantly associated with literacy status of women. Regarding perceptions, 94% felt that females still do not enjoy equal rights as males. Eighty eight percent wished to conceive for male child if there family would have been complete with female children. Conclusions: : It is necessary to gear the efforts against this social malady by intensive IEC campaigns for raising awareness about rules forbidding pre-natal sex determination and strict implementation of PNDT Act. At the heart of problem is impact of advertisement about the facility of prenatal sex determination and the unawareness of legal regulations forbidding feticide as PNDT Act.

Keywords: Female feticide, Sex-ratio, PNDT-Act