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Study of Severe Nutritional Anemia in Children 1-5 Year of Age in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Author:Bijal S Shah, Hiral H Shah, Apoorva B Shah, Rushika Gupta, Smit Vadodaria

Keywords:Severe anemia, morbidity,screening

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Nutritional anemia in young children is one of the most prevalent health hazard in devel-oping countries like India, despite of various policy initiated since long. Present study was done to know correlated factors, clinical presentations, type of severe nutritional anemia in children 1-5 years of age. Methods: All admitted children between 1-5 years of age having severe nutritional anemia (Hb level <7 gm%)were enrolled in study. Detailed demographic profile, nutritional status, clinical presentation was recorded. Anemia were classified According to haematological & morphological profile, serum iron and B12 levels. Final outcome was observed. Results: Total 160 patients were enrolled. we have observed that age<3 years, lower socio economic class and malnutrition were significantly associated with severe anemia (p value<0.001). Only 13.75% patients presented with sign and symptoms of anemia per se.136(88%) patients were diagnosed having IDA and rest were having B12 deficiency or mixed deficiency. Conclusion: Severe anemia is a hidden threat in younger children and it needs to be screened and early intervened by strong imple-mentation of different supplementation programme and we can do much better to decrease morbidity and mortality due to same. "