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Effectiveness of Community Based Intervention on Reproductive Health Education among School Going Adolescent Girls in a Village of District in Andrapradesh

Author:Aruna Devi S., Munnaji Vyankatesh Mavatkar, Usha Rani C.

Keywords:Adolescent Girls, Reproductive Health Education, in-tervention.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Study of Reproductive System and Reproductive health has been a matter of concern in indian cenario since ages and still continue to be stigmatized especially in non urban areas. Methodology: It’s a cross sectional intervention study (Pre & Post). Study Subject included adolescent girls from 11-16 yrs. Sample Size: 206. Lottery Method was used for sampling. Pilot study was con-ducted from 1st July to 31st August 2013 among 50 adolescent girl students (20% of the sample size) from Zilla parishad high school, Nidamanuru. Results: Of the 250 study subjects, 20(8%) were age group of11-12yrs, 190 (76%) were 13-14 yrs were age group and 40 (16%) were 15-16yrs age group. Knowledge regarding risk with premarital sex is improved from 93.20% to 98.40% which is statistically highly significant. Knowledge about risk with unsafe sex (i.e Pregnancy, Unsafe sex) is increased from 7.21% to 65.16%, the response of girls after educational intervention is improved which is statistically highly significant. Conclusion: Reproductive Health Education Intervention helped to improve the knowledge regarding reproductive health among adoles-cent girls."