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Occurrence of Intimal Thickening in Aging Ascending Aorta as A Most Initial Marker Of Atherosclerotic Changes in Cardiovascular Diseases

Author:Amardeep Shivkishan Bissa, Achleshwar R Gandotra

Keywords:Atherosclerotic Changes, Intimal Thickening, Ascending Aorta, Smooth Muscle Cells, Aging.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Atherosclerotic Changes are the most common causes of cardiovascular diseases. So it’s always been a matter of discussion that whether Intimal Thickening (ITN) has its relation to age or preexisting lipid mass or it’s biased to any specific part of ascending aorta. Methods: We used 120 autopsied Ascending Aorta and instrumented histological procedure followed by H&E staining. Results & Discussion: Accumulation of SMCs in Intima of Ascending Aorta (AA) increase with advancing Age and it happens equally in all segments of AA. This is in coinciding with previous workers. Conclusion: Though ITN is the most initial stage of Atherosclerotic change but it’s a very important indicator for the same. It increases uniformly with Age."