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An Epidemiological Study of Venomous Snake Bites: A Hospital Based Analysis

Author:Dipak H. Vora, Jyoti H. Vora

Keywords:Snake bite, Epidemiology, Venomous, Hospital based, Analysis

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background & Objectives: This study was carried out to describe epidemiology of snake bite cases which were seen in a tertiary care hospital of Ahmedabad region so that the data provided will help in estimating the envenoming in this region of India. Methods: Total 50 cases of venomous snake bites were studied retrospectively. These patients were admitted in the Medicine De-partment of V.S. Hospital, Ahmedabad during the period from April 2008 to October 2009. Results: Maximum number of cases (66 %) was belonging to the age group 15-34 years. Male are having twice the incidence compare to the female (M: F ratio 2.12:1). Maximum cases were from rural areas i.e. 72 %. In 66 % cases, snake bites occurred during night time. Most of the cases i.e. 82 % occurred during rainy season. Elapid snake bites leading to neurotoxicity is common followed by viperidae induced vasculotoxicity and acute renal fail-ure. Conclusions: Snakebite is an important medical emergency and causing significant morbidity and mortality of many young and active people, especially those involved in farming and plantation work. Public awareness regarding the simple preventive measures and pre-hospital management i.e. first aid and early hospitalization should be emphasized. "