National Journal of Community Medicine

Original Article

Year: 2019 | Volume: 10 | Issue: 9 | Page No: 502 - 506

Cross Sectional Study to Inquire Hepatitis B Immunization Status and in Immunized Individuals Knowledge About Post Vaccination Serological Titer Status among Nursing Staff and Lab Technicians in a Teaching Hospital of Ujjain

Author: Rashmi Bhujade1, Pawan Pathak2, Tarique Ibrahim3, Konika Jain4


1Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Index Medical College, Indore

2Director Prog, Department of Community Medicine, Society of Community health oriented operation links, Delhi

3Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Varun Arjun Med Collage, Shahjahanpur

4P.G student, Department of Community Medicine, R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain


Background: More than 2 billion people worldwide are infected with Hepatitis B Virus(HBV) infec-tion, among them, around 360 mil-lion individuals are chronically in-fected and are at risk of serious ill-ness and death, especially from fulminant hepatic failure ,cirrhosis and hepato-cellular carcinoma (HCC). HBV is commonest blood-borne hepatitis and significant healthcare occupational patho-gen.HBV infection can be prevented by vaccine. Material and Method: Hepatitis B immunization status and in im-munized individual status of post vaccination Anti Hbs titer of the health care providers (nursing staff and lab technicians) in teaching hospital was assessed by a cross sectional study using a semi struc-tured proforma . Results: Only 23 % study partici-pants were fully immunized against hepatitis B. No one was aware about importance of post vaccination anti HBs titer. No one had ever estimated or tested for their post vaccination anti HBs titer. Hepatitis B immunization status of study participants was found to be significantly (<0.05) associated with sex and year of experience of study participants. Conclusion: Immunization cover-age of hepatitis B among staff nurs-es and lab technicians found to be low. Anti HBS titer was not utilized as a tool to assess immunity pro-vided by hepatitis B vaccine.

Keywords: Hepatitis B immuniza-tion status, health care personals, post vaccination anti HBs titer.