National Journal of Community Medicine

Original Article

Year: 2019 | Volume: 10 | Issue: 9 | Page No: 507 - 513

Client Satisfaction Survey - Gateway of Quality Care: Mixed Type Study from a Tertiary Care Centre of Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Author: Rashmi Sanjay Sharma1, Gneyaa Shirish Bhatt2, Bharat H Patel3


1Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Sola, Ahmedabad

2Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Sola, Ahmedabad

3Associate Professor & I/C HOD, Department of Community Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Gotri Vadodara


Background: Client satisfaction surveys integral part of quality im-provement at a health facility, help in preparing action plan to identify the causes of low satisfaction and steps to maximize patient satisfac-tion. Aims of this study were to (1) explore level of client satisfaction,(2) find out the reasons of low satisfac-tionand (3) suggestfeasible means for improvement. Methodology: A mixed type of study with both quantitative and qualitative componentswas under-taken after permission from the head of institute. A total421 (124 OPD & 297 IPD) patient’s satisfac-tion survey formsfilled during 2015 – 2016 were analyzed. In order to get more insight and as part of qualita-tive research, 2 focusgroup discus-sions (FGDs) of treated/ discharged patients from IPD and1 for OPD cases were conducted in early 2017. Results: Most respondents during client survey, expressed satisfaction over, cleanliness, security, parking facilities andbehavior of hospital staff. Half of the participants were aware of their rights. More than 25% waited for less than 10 minutes for their registration. However, none of the participants could see con-cerned care provider within 30 minutes of registration. In FGDs too, most participants mentioned free of cost services, good behavior of doc-tor, satisfactory treatment and cleanliness of hospital as reasons for choosing this hospital. Conclusion: While survey findings are largely flattering to the system, those from FGDs pointed out certain areas of improvement. Hence, it is recommended to include FGDs, as a part of current client satisfaction survey. Grievance redressal system must be in place in the form of mail boxes installed at hospital. The ob-servations of the survey were shared with all the stakeholders to find out realistic solutions.

Keywords: client satisfaction sur-vey, FGD, quality of health care