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Is Mental Health of College Students Affected By Internet- A Cross Sectional Study in Solapur City

Author:Poonam Vijay Sancheti, Shubhalaxmi Devdatta Kotnis, Suresh Konappa Mangulikar

Keywords:internet, DASS21, depression, col-lege students

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: With the rise of new-generation gadgets, the risk of “in-ternet addiction” is emerging as a significant behavioural addiction pandemic worldwide. Though in-ternet has become the largest way for information transfer and com-munication it is showing adverse effects on mental health of the users which is observed in major cities of country. Hence, the study is pro-posed to find the prevalence of in-ternet addiction and its effects on mental health among senior college students. Material and methods: A cross sec-tional community based descriptive study was carried out in randomly selected two senior colleges in the Solapur city with sample size was 360. Pretested Young’s 20-item IAT scale was used to determine internet addiction. DASS 21 questionnaire was administered to assess the de-pression, stress and anxiety levels in students. Results: Out of total 360 students, 166 (46.11%) were male while 194 (53.89%) were female. Prevalence of mild internet addiction was 38.06% and moderate internet addiction was 20.56%. Association of YIAT score levels of students and depres-sion in the students was studied and it was found that YIAT scores levels are strongly associated with depression, stress and anxiety. Conclusion: Increasing internet ad-diction in college students is associ-ated with depression, stress and anxiety in them and needs urgent attention."