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Knowledge of Hand Hygiene in Health Care Workers of a Tertiary Hospital in Navi Mumbai

Author:Fazila N Patankar, Abhiram Behera

Keywords:Hand Hygiene, Health care work-ers, Health Care Associated infec-tion.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Hand hygiene is rec-ognized as the leading measure to prevent cross-transmission of mi-croorganisms and to reduce the in-cidence of health care associated in-fections . Despite the relative sim-plicity of this procedure, compli-ance with hand hygiene among health care providers is as low as 40%. Objectives- The research was un-dertaken to study knowledge re-garding hand hygiene among healthcare workers in a tertiary care hospital; to study the socio demo-graphic correlates of the same; and also to study association between training and knowledge of hand hygiene in health care workers (HCW) of a tertiary care hospital. Methodology: A cross-sectional hospital based study was carried out in healthcare workers in a ter-tiary care hospital and FRU in Navi Mumbai. A total of 140 HCW’s were interviewed and their knowledge was assessed using WHO’s hand hygiene questionnaire for health care workers. Data Analysis: SPSS version software 21was used and appropriate tests of significance were applied. Results: 88.54 % of the study sub-jects had average to poor knowledge and only 69.3% had received formal training in hand hygiene."