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Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Diarrhoea and Its Management among Mothers of Under Five Children at Uhtc Vijayapura: A Cross Sectional Study

Author:Santosh D Patil, Ravindranath A Bhovi

Keywords:diarrhoea, Oral rehydration, home available fluids, Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Children are our su-preme asset and they are the future human resource of the country. Un-der five, a highly vulnerable group constitutes13% of the total popula-tion in India. According to WHO, Passage of 3 or more than 3 loose stools or watery stools per day are considers as abnormal. The objec-tives are to assess the knowledge and attitude of mothers of under five children regarding diarrhea and to know the practice of mothers of under five children regarding management of diarrhea. Methods: A cross-sectional study was carried out during June 2018-Navember 2018. A structured and pre-tested questionnaire was ad-ministered to all the mothers of un-der-five children in the study area. Results: Of the 160 mother’s majori-ty were in the age group of 21-25yrs. The diarrhoeal prevalence was 38 %. 64 % could define diarrhoea cor-rectly and 94.7% of them had heard of ORS.89.76% of mothers sought treatment from private doctors when their children suffered from diarrhoea. Conclusions: Lack of education in mothers was found to be an ob-structing factor for the appropriate utilization of ORS in the communi-ty. Although awareness regarding spread of diarrhoea and ORS was adequate in this community, knowledge regarding continuation of feeding and danger signs was de-ficient."