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Gender Role Stereotyping & Masculinity Notions among School Going Adolescent in Western India – A Cross Sectional Study

Author:Mohua Moitra, Shailee Vyas, Varsha Gupta, Rutu Buch

Keywords:Adolescent, gender stereotyping, masculinity, School.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: The notions of gender role and masculinity are carried on traditionally and thus get stereo-typed. They have been documented to affect the health of adolescents in a complex way. Nearly 35% of the global burden of disease has its roots in adolescence and research shows that some of the major con-tributors to adolescent morbidity and mortality are somehow con-nected to gender role, masculinity and their stereotyping. Aim & Objectives: To document the prevalence of gender role stereotyp-ing and masculinity among adoles-cents and explore the various fac-tors responsible for the same. Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted on adoles-cents of a purposively selected school in western India using a predesigned semi-structured ques-tionnaire and appropriate scales. Result: Majority of the respondents had scores higher than mean score, 68% for gender stereotyping and 66.1% for masculinity. Age, sex and caste have shown significant asso-ciation in the masculinity score, es-pecially among the older adoles-cents. Age, sex and Facebook ac-count have shown significant asso-ciation in the gender stereotyping score. Conclusion: Majority of the partici-pants had stereotypical attitudes for both gender and masculinity. They were particularly higher in the late adolescents and significantly lower in those having a Facebook account."