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Integrated Teaching Practices among 6th Semester Medical Students during Their Clinical Posting in the Community Medicine Department: A Cross Sectional Study

Author:Mohua Moitra, Shailee Vyas, Varsha Gupta

Keywords:Integrated Teaching, Protein Energy Malnutrition, undergraduate medical students

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Integrated Teaching makes the learning more meaningful as it discusses all the different aspects of the disease together. Thus, in this study an attempt was made to introduce structured integrated practice of teaching method on Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) and see its effect on learning outcomes as compared to the existing method Methodology: A quasi-experimental pre and post-test study was done among conveniently selected 119 undergraduate medical students divided in two groups. Findings: The student group consisted of 53 participants and the mean score 7.47 (SD±1.62) in the pre-test and it improved to 9.4 (SD±1.99) in the post test. In the faculty group, there were 62 participants and the mean score was 8.18 (SD±1.68) in the pre-test and it improved to 8.95 (SD±2.07) in the post test. Both the results were statistically significant. Conclusions: There was a significant rise in the Post-test scores in both the groups exposed to integrated teaching which establishes an improved learning outcome. Thus there is an urgent need for adopting Integrated Practice teaching for enhanced learning outcomes."