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Utility of Broca’s Index in Assessing Body Mass: Analysis of Anthropometric Measures from A Cross Sectional Study

Author:Jenyz M Mundodan, C R Saju, Vidhu M Joshy

Keywords:Anthropometric measure, Broca’s Index, Body Mass Index, utility

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Broca’s index is the easiest method to calculate the ideal body weight for height. However, the absence of a defined range limits its utility. This study aims to identi-fy ‘normal range’ for Broca’s index that corresponds to the normal range for BMI and to determine the predictive accuracy for cut-off points thus obtained. Methods: Anthropometric meas-urements of adults were taken dur-ing a cross sectional survey. BMI and ideal weight as per Broca’s In-dex were calculated for each indi-vidual. Broca’s Index Ratio was cal-culated as the ratio of actual weight to the calculated Broca’s Index (ide-al weight). ROC curves were plotted to identify the best cut off points for Overweight and obesity. Results: The BMI of the participants ranged from 16.14 to 35.16, with a mean 25.53 kg/m2 (SD=2.86). Bro-ca’s index ratio had strong correla-tion with the BMI value (r=0.969). From the ROC curves, Broca’s Index ratio against BMI values of 23 and 25 were identified as 0.95 and 1.03. Broca’s Index ratio of 1 corresponds to BMI Value 24.01. Conclusions: Individuals can be advised on their ideal weight (as per Broca’s index), with the upper limit being around 5% less than the cal-culated value."