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Socio-Demographic Profile, Treatment Outcome & Factors Influencing Outcome among Tuberculosis Cases Treated On Daily Regimen: A Cross-Sectional Study at District Tuberculosis Centre, Uttarakannada

Author:Girish HO, Megana D

Keywords:Tuberculosis, treatment outcome, Fixed Dose Combination, treatment success rate.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Tuberculosis is one of the leading causes of mortality in India. Measuring, monitoring and evaluating ending tuberculosis out-comes is central to the success of the National Programme. Methodology: Retrospective Cross-sectional Descriptive study involv-ing all registered tuberculosis cases treated on daily regimen using Fixed Dose Combination from peri-od of 1st Jan to 31st Dec 2018 was conducted. Questionnaire derived from patient treatment card was used to collect data from the patient records. Incomplete/missing data were excluded from analysis. Fre-quency, proportions, mean and chi-square test were used to present and analyze the data. Results: Of the 1243 tuberculosis cases notified, 50.2% were between 15-44years. 64.36% were males. 89.14% & 10.86% of cases were no-tified from public & private sectors respectively. 3.54% were Drug Re-sistant Tuberculosis cases. Overall treatment success rate was 87%. Treatment success rate among HIV reactive cases was 64.44%. Statisti-cally significant association was observed between age, gender and the outcome of treatment success. Conclusion: A good treatment suc-cess rate of 87% was observed. Strategy to improve notification of cases from private sector and among females needs to be strengthened. "