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Study of Sociodemographic Factors Affecting Low Birth Weight Babies in Tertiary Care Centre

Author:Suchita N Kawale, Manjusha A Shinde, Prashant S Shinde

Keywords:Low birth weight, Neonatal inten-sive care unit, Tertiary care centre, Sociodemographic factors.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: The birth weight of an infant is the single most important determinant of its chances of sur-vival, healthy growth and develop-ment. Low birth weight is mainly caused by prematurity (short gesta-tion) or intrauterine growth retarda-tion. The incidence of low birth weight in India varies between 25-30% and of which 60-65% are be-cause of intrauterine growth retar-dation.There are numerous mater-nal and foetal factors resulting in low birth weight babies. This study is aimed to assess the sociodemo-graphic factors affecting the low birth weight. Methods: The present study was a hospital based observational de-scriptive study. The study was un-dertaken in neonatal intensive care unit of department of paediatrics of tertiary care centre. The study peri-od was from January 2016 to De-cember 2016 i.e. total period of one year. The low birth babies according to WHO criteria i. e. less than 2500g admitted in neonatal intensive care units in one year were selected which were 360.Among the 360 ba-bies admitted, there was male pre-ponderance with male to female ra-tio of 1.3:1. There was statistically significant association found be-tween sex, low socioeconomic sta-tus, religion, maternal risk factors like age, primigravida, less than 2yrs spacing, bad obstetric history, pregnancy induced hypertention and low birth weight babies (p < 0.05)."