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A Case Control Study to Determine the Predisposing Factors for Myocardial Infarction among Young Adults

Author:Nandini C, Kashavva B Andanigoudar, Dattatreya D Bant

Keywords:Premature Myocardial Infarction, Type A personality, perceived stress, Case control study, dietary fibre

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Coronary artery dis-ease (CAD) is the leading cause of death and the main cause of mortal-ity and morbidity in the world. CAD is a serious health problem in young adults, as it occurs in young-er age, which is a productive age group. Objectives: To determine the pre-disposing factors for myocardial in-farction among young adults in a tertiary health care centre of Hub-balli, Karnataka Methods: A facility-based case con-trol study was conducted among patients aged<40years, including 30 cases (with CAD) and 30 controls (without CAD), admitted to KIMS hospital Hubballi. Information about sociodemographic data, myo-cardial infarction, stress, physical activity and dietary pattern was col-lected. Results: The study included 19 males and 11 females in each group. The factors found to be sig-nificantly associated with prema-ture myocardial infarction were in-adequate physical activity, BMI>23kg/m2, family history of di-abetes, high perceived stress, type A personality, smoking, hypertension, parental consanguinity, family his-tory of IHD and inadequate dietary fibre intake. Conclusion: The study concluded that, both modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors play an im-portant role in premature myocar-dial infarction. Addressing the modifiable risk factors can signifi-cantly reduce premature myocardi-al infarction."