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Study of Socio Demographic Profile of HIV Positive Patients Seeking Treatment in Tertiary Care Hospital – A Cross Sectional Study

Author:Manjusha A Dhoble, Sanjay S Kubde, Asim Inamdar, Mohan Khamgaonkar, Ashok R Jadhao

Keywords:HIV, sociodemographic, ART, het-erosexual

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Objectives: To study the socio de-mographic and clinical profile of HIV positive patients seeking treat-ment in tertiary care hospital. Methods: The present hospital based cross-sectional study was carried out in the ART clinic of Ter-tiary care Hospital in Central India from February 2018 to October 2018. Total 324 patients above 15 years of age, who were newly diagnosed as HIV positive were included in the study Subjects were interviewed for socio demographic data. Clinical examination was done. Weight and Height were recorded. WHO publi-cation titled “WHO case definitions of HIV, for surveillance and revised clinical staging and immunological classification of HIV-related disease, in adults and children” was used for staging. For confirmation of di-agnosis experts opinion from re-spective specialty was sought. CD 4 count, Sputum for CBNAAT, Spu-tum for AFB and other relevant in-vestigations eg. USG were obtained from the records. Results: Most of the study subjects were males in 35 – 49 years age group (52.16%) and 69.75% were hindu. Maximum were currently married (62.35%), educated from 6 th to 10 th standard (50.92%), housewives (20.68%) and from class IV socioeconomic status (44.44%). 25.31% of subjects were migrant. Smokeless tobacco use was com-mon habit, overcrowding was pre-sent in 43.21% and commonest route of transmission was hetero-sexual (94.75%). Conclusion: Males from economi-cally productive age group of lower socioeconomic status living in over-crowding, mostly tobacco user and heterosexuals were found. There is a need of health education to halt the transmission of disease."