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Prevalence, Pattern and Socio-Demographic Determinants of Tobacco Use in Elderly Population of a Rural Area of Central India

Author:Tarique Ibrahim, Rashmi Bhujade, Arun K Wanjpe, Dharampal S Chouhan

Keywords:Tobacco use, prevalence, Pattern, determinant, elderly

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background-India has 2nd largest tobacco consumers in the world. Tobacco use is one of the important modifiable risk factors for prema-ture death & many diseases. There is an urgent need for protection from devastating adverse effects of tobacco use on health, society, envi-ronment & economy. Main target group for interventions is young-sters, elderly population is usually neglected. This study was planned to explore the situation of elderly population. Method- Cross sectional study was designed to estimate the prevalence, pattern and associated factors of to-bacco use in 500 elderly of Ghatiya block of Ujjain. Information was col-lected by help of semi structured proforma. Data analysis was done with the help of SPSS -20. Chi square test was applied for checking significance. Results-Prevalence of tobacco use was 55.4% in elderly population, 31.1 % participants were using smoked tobacco, 47 % were using smokeless tobacco while 22% were dual users. It was found to be signif-icantly associated with age, sex, re-ligion & occupation of the partici-pants. Conclusion-Prevalence of tobacco use was found to be more than prevalence of nation as well as state. We should also plan interventions for elderly population keeping asso-ciated factors in mind, So that we can improve quality and quantity of elderly life. "