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Understanding Vulnerability Patterns of HIV/AIDS among Junior College Male Students: A Knowledge and Attitude Study In Central India

Author:Prashant S Bagdey, Rajan Kumar Barnwal, Vilas V Dudhpachare, Uday W Narlawar

Keywords:HIV/AIDS, Knowledge, Students, Central India, Males

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: In India, as of 2017 only 32% of young men knew how to prevent HIV (UNAIDS 2018).There is evidence of emerging epidemics among men who have sex with men in areas not previous-ly recognized as having high HIV burdens. There is gap in evidence on knowledge and attitude about HIV/AIDS among male students, particularly from central India. The objective was to assess knowledge & attitude regarding HIV/AIDS among male students of a Junior College. Methodology: This study was con-ducted in Bramhapuri block of Chandrapur district in Maharash-tra. Data was collected from 277 study subjects. Results: Mean Age of participants was 17.31 ± 0.91 years (16 - 25 years). The majority of study sub-jects 243 (87.73%) had heard about HIV. Knowledge about common mode of HIV/AIDS transmission like unprotected sexual contact, in-fected needle was found correct in the majority of study subjects. The attitude of study subjects towards person living with HIV (PLWH) was unfavorable with 67.76% sub-jects agreeing to accept the person in family. The knowledge about HIV/AIDS was better in urban resi-dent students than rural students. Conclusion: Majority of study sub-jects were aware of HIV/AIDS. However, they lacked complete knowledge about routes of trans-mission and their attitude towards a PLWH was unfavorable."