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Evaluation of Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Partnership Schemes under the Revised National Tuberculosis Program (RNTCP) In Gujarat, India

Author:Bhavesh Modi, Gaurav Desai

Keywords:NGO, Private Practitioners, RNTCP, TB

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Government of India has started NGO schemes under RNTCP since 2001. However, there are no details available to show the impact or effectiveness of such in-terventions. The study was con-ducted to evaluate the NGO part-nership schemes under RNTCP and to identify challenges and probable solutions for improvement of the same. Methods: Mixed methods design: Quantitative data collection fol-lowed by Qualitative phase (per-sonal interviews) during year 2016-17 across the Gujarat. 25% NGOs were selected from each scheme by two-stage random sampling. Results: Most NGOs were enrolled in Scheme 1 and 2 (advocacy and slum). No NGOs enrolled in Scheme 10 and 11, while only 1 NGO was enrolled in Scheme 7, 8 and 9. All the NGO have registra-tion number, submitted financial documents and 96.5% NGO were registered in NGO portal. Only 41.4% NGOs attended regular monthly DTO meeting. Almost 80% NGO shad organized sensitization meeting among high risk groups. Sputum positivity was more than 5% in most NGO. Defaulter retrieval was high but actual number of pa-tients was low. Conclusion: NGO scheme under RNTCP are useful to reach the objec-tives, however they are underuti-lized and focused only in selected schemes/ geographic areas. RNTCP need to revise existing schemes to ensure more NGOs involved and work in larger geographic areas."