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Prevalence and Patterns of Self Medication among Adults of Randomly Selected Villages in Rural Bangalore – A Cross Sectional Study

Author:Naveen S Nair, Karavadi Sri Sai Vidusha

Keywords:Self Medication, rural area, Banga-lore, Prevalence, patterns

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Self medication using prescription medicines is common in certain developing countries due to lack of strict drug regulatory im-plementations and monitoring by the concerned authorities. Hence this study was carried out to know the prevalence and practices of self medication among the rural popu-lation of a village in rural Bangalore and plan for appropriate alternative health seeking behavior. Method: This is a descriptive cross- sectional study carried out in It-tamadu Rural Health Centre area covering a population of 10,875 people, coming under 19 villages, employing Multi Stage Random Sampling. Results: This study revealed that the prevalence of self medication was high (75.1%). Lack of time and fi-nancial reasons were found to be the most common reasons for self medication. Fever was found out to be the most common ailment for which self medication was prac-ticed and analgesics were the most common drug used. Conclusion: This study revealed that prevalence of self medication was high among adult population aged 18-60 years and there existed statistical association between prac-tice of self medication and socio demographic determinants like Gender, Storage of Drugs at home after use, Awareness regarding pos-sibility of Adverse Drug reactions occurring."