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Assessment of Housing Conditions among the Residents of a Village in Rural Karnataka

Author:Deepika Nagaraj, Twinkle Agrawal, Joswin Madtha, Richa Edgard, Joshua Jonathan Norris, Jose Manuel, Farah Naaz Fathima

Keywords:Housing Standards, Rural

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Poor housing condi-tions contribute to respiratory infec-tions, skin diseases, injuries, mental illness. Objective: To assess the housing standards of the residents of Muga-lur village, Sarjapur PHC, Banga-lore. Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted among resi-dents of 252 households in Mugalur village. A structured, face-validated questionnaire was developed to as-sess the housing conditions and scored on a scale of 0-20 with a higher score depicting better hous-ing conditions. Results: The mean family size was 3.7 + 1.6, 222(88.1%) had Below Poverty Line card. The mean hous-ing standard score was 12.0 + 2.5, 151(59.9%) houses were pucca. For drinking purposes, 138(54.5%) of the households bought water from Community Reverse Osmosis plant. Most of the households did not have exhaust vent 132(52.4%), adequate setback 133(52.8%) and waste seg-regation 169(67.1%). Toilet facility was present in 193(76.6%) of the households. The criterion for ade-quate sanitation was met by 35(13.8%) of the households, 252(100%) practiced inappropriate waste disposal. There was a signifi-cant association between the dura-tion of stay and the mean housing standard score. Conclusion: The mean housing standard score was 12.0 + 2.5 out of a total score of 20. Areas for im-provement were solid waste man-agement and sullage disposal."